Ohh noo it crashed ! Wherez Ctrl Alt Delete in Linux ??

Where's Ctrl Alt Delete in Linux ?

Some may say that programs dont crash in Linux, but the fact is sometimes it does.
And when Windows users start using Linux, they unconsciously press Ctrl Alt Delete but nothing happens! and the user will go nuts!.In Windows Ctrl Alt Delete is the set of shortcut keys used to open Windows Task Manager, which is used to force quit the freezed "Not Responding" program using "End Process".

What do I do when a Program Crash in Linux ?
Linux gurus may say that you can open a shell and use command kill *PID*.
But the thing is when a program freezes up, it kind of takes down all the programs around it making it very hard to open a shell and type something in it. Accept it, it sucks!

But There's an easier way, to force quit a freezed program in Linux
I'm going to base this tutorial on Ubuntu Linux.

"Force Quitting" 
Force quitting a program in Linux is equivalent to ending a process in Windows.
To force quit a freezed/misbehaving application in Ubuntu we can use Force Quit, which is a tool available by default in Ubuntu to force quit misbehaving applications.

Force Quit - Force a misbehaving application to quit
In Ubuntu
Right click the GNOME Panel (applications bar) > Add to Panel >  Scroll down the list select Force Quit and click Add.

Force Quit Icon
The process should add the force quit icon to the applications bar(GNOME Panel).
Now you can force quit any application by clicking on the Force Quit icon and  selecting the misbehaving application.

Thats it !
Have fun!


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