How to read CHM Files in Linux

How to read CHM Files in Linux

Damn! I tried to open a chm file (Compiled HTML windows crap file)
OK..lets get down to business//

What are CHM files
CHM is an kind of an acronym for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help.
As you can see as long as Microsoft is involved here, it must be something restricted in Linux. In Linux CHM files are a "non-standard file format". So that means you cant open CHM files in Linux.
Picture this: If you downloaded a CHM file from a Ubuntu, you'd have to restart your pc and boot in to windows to read that file. But NOT ANY MORE !

How to Read CHM files in Linux
To read CHM files in Linux, you'd have to install a utility named xCHM.
In any Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, DSL, Knoppix, Linspire) it is simple as this.

sudo apt-get install xchm

In Ubuntu, xCHM is is installed under
Applications > Office > xCHM

Now you can use xCHM to read CHM files.
Have fun !


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Cool! I don't know why people use this format to publish books...

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