How to Extract RAR files in Linux

How to Extract RAR files in Linux

In Linux we dont have a Winrar, but we have a Unrar.
Unrar is a command line decompression tool for RAR extraction in Linux.Once installed it also adds RAR support to File Roller (Archive manager for GNOME).

How to Install Unrar

In Ubuntu
# apt-get install unrar

 In Fedora
#yum install unrar

Or you can download the Unrar tool from official Rarlab site directly and then install it.

After downloading , extract it from the tar file and use ./unrar to run Unrar.

$ tar -zxvf rarlinux-3.6.0.tar.gz

$ cd rar
$ ./unrar
Decompressing a RAR file with Unrar

Use this command to extract RAR files:

$ unrar e files.rar

Replace files.rar with the path and name of the RAR file that you want to extract.
The files will be extracted to the current directory of the RAR file.


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