Hubble – 15 Years of Discovery Documentary

Hubble – 15 Years of Discovery Documentary

ESA’s anniversary DVD film Hubble – 15 years of discovery covers all aspects of the Hubble Space Telescope project – a journey through the history, the troubled early life and the ultimate scientific successes of Hubble.
This portrait, directed by Lars Lindberg Christensen, contains large amounts of previously unpublished footage of superb quality. With more than 500,000 copies distributed, this DVD movie is probably the most widely available science documentary ever.
The movie is presented by an ESA scientist, Dr. Robert (Bob) Fosbury, who has himself used Hubble for his own research on many occasions.
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Using Google to find Torrents

Using Google to find Torrents 

This is using in a advanced way, to get the most out of Google.
Searching in Google this way will give direct download links to torrent files on the Internet.This is no magic way to search in Google or a hack.

In the Google search type name of the torrent file you need to find and add
filetype:torrent to the end.

Examples :
Kaspersky filetype:torrent

Search Results:

Ironman 2  filetype:torrent

Well, there you have it ! Have fun!

Google Chrome for Linux

4 Linux

Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 / Athlon 64 or later CPU; 32- or 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 or later, or 32-bit Debian 5. Support for other Linux distributions is planned; unpacking the .deb files by hand may work.

Note: Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Chrome up to date. If you don't want Google's repository, do "sudo touch /etc/default/google-chrome" before installing the package.
Download and install the package appropriate for your system (just clicking on it should do the right thing):

    Have fun !

      Ohh noo it crashed ! Wherez Ctrl Alt Delete in Linux ??

      Where's Ctrl Alt Delete in Linux ?

      Some may say that programs dont crash in Linux, but the fact is sometimes it does.
      And when Windows users start using Linux, they unconsciously press Ctrl Alt Delete but nothing happens! and the user will go nuts!.In Windows Ctrl Alt Delete is the set of shortcut keys used to open Windows Task Manager, which is used to force quit the freezed "Not Responding" program using "End Process".

      What do I do when a Program Crash in Linux ?
      Linux gurus may say that you can open a shell and use command kill *PID*.
      But the thing is when a program freezes up, it kind of takes down all the programs around it making it very hard to open a shell and type something in it. Accept it, it sucks!

      But There's an easier way, to force quit a freezed program in Linux
      I'm going to base this tutorial on Ubuntu Linux.

      "Force Quitting" 
      Force quitting a program in Linux is equivalent to ending a process in Windows.
      To force quit a freezed/misbehaving application in Ubuntu we can use Force Quit, which is a tool available by default in Ubuntu to force quit misbehaving applications.

      Force Quit - Force a misbehaving application to quit
      In Ubuntu
      Right click the GNOME Panel (applications bar) > Add to Panel >  Scroll down the list select Force Quit and click Add.

      Force Quit Icon
      The process should add the force quit icon to the applications bar(GNOME Panel).
      Now you can force quit any application by clicking on the Force Quit icon and  selecting the misbehaving application.

      Thats it !
      Have fun!

      DREAMER ~

      How to read CHM Files in Linux

      How to read CHM Files in Linux

      Damn! I tried to open a chm file (Compiled HTML windows crap file)
      OK..lets get down to business//

      What are CHM files
      CHM is an kind of an acronym for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help.
      As you can see as long as Microsoft is involved here, it must be something restricted in Linux. In Linux CHM files are a "non-standard file format". So that means you cant open CHM files in Linux.
      Picture this: If you downloaded a CHM file from a Ubuntu, you'd have to restart your pc and boot in to windows to read that file. But NOT ANY MORE !

      How to Read CHM files in Linux
      To read CHM files in Linux, you'd have to install a utility named xCHM.
      In any Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, DSL, Knoppix, Linspire) it is simple as this.

      sudo apt-get install xchm

      In Ubuntu, xCHM is is installed under
      Applications > Office > xCHM

      Now you can use xCHM to read CHM files.
      Have fun !

      DREAMER ~

      How to Extract RAR files in Linux

      How to Extract RAR files in Linux

      In Linux we dont have a Winrar, but we have a Unrar.
      Unrar is a command line decompression tool for RAR extraction in Linux.Once installed it also adds RAR support to File Roller (Archive manager for GNOME).

      How to Install Unrar

      In Ubuntu
      # apt-get install unrar

       In Fedora
      #yum install unrar

      Or you can download the Unrar tool from official Rarlab site directly and then install it.

      After downloading , extract it from the tar file and use ./unrar to run Unrar.

      $ tar -zxvf rarlinux-3.6.0.tar.gz

      $ cd rar
      $ ./unrar
      Decompressing a RAR file with Unrar

      Use this command to extract RAR files:

      $ unrar e files.rar

      Replace files.rar with the path and name of the RAR file that you want to extract.
      The files will be extracted to the current directory of the RAR file.

      DREAMER ~