Nero How To Verify The Validity Of The Sn U Use

NERO: how to verify the validity of the serial number you use through the nerocmd.exe command

Nero will accept a serial number even if it is invalid, and will (randomly) occasionally burn you some bad CDs (while telling you that the burn was sucessful...)

Therefore it makes sense to test the serial number right after installation (b4 burning anything). Under Dos prompt, go to Nero's directory, type the following:

nerocmd --listdrives

That is: nerocmd, then a space, then 2 dashes, then listdrives.

If you see a message with "OK" in the end of it, then the serial you used is fine. Otherwise, locate another set of number and try again.

It really works... ;)

Here are some helpful hints in using DOS:

1. Go to your AHEAD/NERO folder (wherever it is in your PC...) and Open it
2. From: START>RUN Type: COMMAND -> click OK
3. Type: nerocmd --listdrives [Enter key]
4. Done!

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