How To Control Your Computer By Your Cell Phone

How To Control Your Computer By Your Cell Phone
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What You'd Need
1.Bluetooth Remote Control. | Download | (Piece of software that enables the cellphone to connect to the computer via Bluetooth)
2.Computer with Bluetooth. ( If you want to enable Bluetooth in your computer & you dont know how to, Click here for a guide)
3.Bluetooth Capable Cellphone. (If you dont know what is Bluetooth, Click here for a guide)

How Do I Do It ?
1.Easy install it first, then open the program.

2. Then can you see the "Install Phone Client" button in the left corner, Click it.
It will open you some jar files.Copy it to your Cell Phone.
3. Done , Now turn ON Bluetooth in both Cellphone & the Computer.
4. Now in your cellphone browse for the file you copied & open it.It must be in the name "Phone RC"
5.Select "Search Bluetooth", let it discover your computer.Select it.
6.Then you'll get a list of stuff that you can do, select em n try em.

You're done.

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